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We are committed to helping entrepreneurs implement their ideas. Our tailored market research enables entrepreneurs to align their aspirations with market realities (in some cases, for the very first time). Assessing potential, finalising project designs, approaching financing sources: our market research services assist entrepreneurs throughout each of these tasks.

Vous souhaitez vous diversifier, tester et optimiser un nouveau produit, une innovation, ou accompagner votre département R&D dans la création d’un nouveau produit, nos études de marché peuvent vous guider.

Vous souhaitez faire évoluer votre marque en fonction des nouvelles attentes du marché, vous repositionner en fonction d’une concurrence plus agressive, nous pouvons vous conseiller en fonction d’études de marché complètes, fiables et pertinentes.

Interested in business development opportunities?

Whether you are launching your export business or just want to explore potential new markets, you should know that market research is now more accessible than ever.
If you want to diversify, test or optimise a new product or innovation, or support your R&D department in the development of a new product, our market research services can guide you.
If you want to develop your brand according to new market expectations or reposition yourself with respect to more aggressive competition, we can advise you by providing complete, reliable, and relevant market research services.

A few words about us


Cletude is a market research agency specialising in business development. Our definition of “development” encompasses the “development of all businesses”. When we founded the agency five years ago, our goal was to generalise access to professional and customised market research. We have since accomplished this goal, and it remains our primary objective.

Above all else, we strive to assist our clients with their short- and long-term business development strategies. We have thus brought together all of the complementary expertise required for Cletude to provide you with customised market research and tailor-made tools.

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