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A growing network

Over the past five years, we have built various partnerships that enable us to easily conduct international research.


A qualified network for high-quality international research

To successfully conduct an international study, numerous partners are not enough. It is essential to take into account the quality of your network. We choose our partners for their professionalism and adaptability. When conducting an international study, the first step is to take cultural differences into account. One must always assume that one knows nothing about the people to be interviewed. It’s not always as easy as it sounds: for example, who would have thought that the Japanese eschew perfume? Or that it’s not in good taste to offer a Chinese person a watch? Everything that “goes without saying” isn’t always obvious from one country to another. This is where our relationships with our partners come into play. It is important to discuss international studies with our partners, prior to their conduct, so as to adapt the study design to the specificities of each country. This helps avoid frustration and the risk of bias. The process is carried out in a climate of trust, which develops over the course of our projects.


A few words from our partners

Jen: Focus Group in JapanJenny, Project Manager, Tokyo: I work in a market research company in Japan. We manage several panels using both our panel recruitment site and our user evaluation site. We have a team that is dedicated to global projects, with English-, Japanese-, Korean-, and Chinese-speaking staff.

In other countries, the more attendees in a focus group session, the better. In Japan, the optimum number of participants is 5–6 people per session. It is prudent to have a mix of both men and women. A gender-imbalanced group tends to obscure the minority perspective.


Kelly: Focus group in TexasKelly, consultant in qualitative market research, Dallas : Our speciality is gathering insights from customers through conversation and observation. With over 20 years of marketing research experience, our company uses a wide array qualitative methodologies designed to engage consumers in deep discussions about behavior motivations, perceptions and attitude related to products and brands. We design smart studies to meet research objectives.

The U.S. population is diverse, and consumer behavior may be different across different regions of the country. As such, rely on the knowledge of local market consultants and field partners about the product category, selekcted markets, and how these impact recruitment and discussion guide flow.


Maria-Vittoria: Focus Group in ItalyMaria Vittoria, CEO of an independent market research agency, Naples: Our agency conducts fieldwork in Italy on behalf of foreign agencies. We have over 15 years of experience in qualitative research. We are truly always ready to go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs. Our company slogan is that we are “a professional team with a personal touch”, and this personal touch is exactly what makes our clients so loyal.

To get useful insights from respondents, it is essential to make them feel at ease. Whatever the target, the focus group’s atmosphere must be informal, and the moderator must demonstrate the enthusiasm and exhibit the energy necessary to keep the group interested and lively.


Quantitative online international studies

We also conduct quantitative online international studies in numerous countries. Our coverage depends on each country’s level of Internet access.

On the map shown below, green indicates good access, with a very large number of panellists (more than one million in the dark green areas). Yellow and orange indicate average access (areas with a limited number of panellists, but which still allow a quantitative study to be conducted under good conditions, without specific targets and taking into account partial Internet coverage). The countries in white are not available to you.


Qualitative international studies – Meeting rooms for partner focus groups

Our various partnerships enable us to confidently carry out qualitative international focus group studies throughout Europe (including the United Kingdom), as well as in China, Japan, the United States, and Canada.


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