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Capacities targeted to your needs


We don’t need to be a market research giant to best meet our clients’ needs. Our capacities lie in our choice of resources, careful selection of partners, and our total involvement in each step of the market research process.


Dedicated to B2B market research, we work with a team of 25 investigators in Epinal. Each interviewers receives three weeks of training prior to being briefed on your specific market research needs and objectives.


Our panel suppliers manage between 35,000 (regional panels) and 400,000 panellists in France. We select our suppliers based on their professionalism and their specialisation, allowing us to offer market research services that best meet our clients’ demands.

 Our partners give us access to different panels around the world, within the limits of Internet coverage.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards may be used for market research studies involving in-home product testing over the long term, prospecting, uses, and habits. Cletude’s private and secure platform allows us to manage bulletin boards from 10 to 50 respondents.

This platform can be used anywhere in the world, within the limits of Internet coverage. 

Focus Groups

Our focus group meeting rooms are located in central Paris. They are equipped with one-way mirrors, as well as audio-visual and simultaneous translation devices.

We also provide interpretation services.

Our partnerships give us access to focus group meeting rooms in Naples, Madrid, Birmingham, Berlin, Munich, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo.

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